Tree of Life by Wayland House

Tree of Life

The centered hands express togetherness of all types of relationships. The roots tell the story of working people,we work hard for what we believe in. The foundation that established our country.

"These Are The Hands That Till The Soil"

All God's creatures that share a clean environment giving us the ability to buildup a next egg, "Savings." The sun giving life and the moon sustaining life. Night and day meet as one. Rejoicing hands expressing happiness, birth, rebirth, replenishment and change. Handmade Banana Paper, made in Thailand, from the bark of the banana tree or banana fiber, has a textured tan surface,with thick dark chunks, chips and strands of banana bark embedded in the paper.

Edition size: 75. Artist Proofs: 35. 16" x 22".

$350.00   Unframed  


Detail of Tree of Life by Wayland House


Limited Edition Giclee Prints
Mat colors: Tan, Ivory, or White

5" x 7" Giclee Print Note Cards • $8.00 each
5 or more: $7.00 each

5" x 7" Giclee Prints
$55.00 matted to 11" x 14" • $50.00 unmatted

10" x 13.75" Giclee Prints
$100.00 matted to 16" x 20" • $75.00 unmatted

11" x 15" Giclee Prints
$125.00 matted to 20" x 24" • $75.00 unmatted

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